Serail Mud Chamber in Hereford, Herefordshire
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Serail Mud Chamber

Our Special Highlight

Our mud chamber is a special highlight of Holmer Park Spa. If you haven’t tried a mud treatment before, we encourage you to do so! Not only will our treatments cleanse your skin, the Serail Mud Chamber is a brilliant social experience, where you relax with a friend or partner and rub the muds and chalks on each other!

Serail Mud Chamber Treatment

A hugely popular treatment, you and your loved one (or friend) apply healing muds to your bodies before entering the chamber. Then you simply relax and let the herbal warmth of the room kickstart the ingredients into cleansing your skin and removing toxins. The Serail Mud Chamber has gentle music and lighting to further accentuate the calming experience.

Afterwards, you enjoy a steam bath and then a warm shower, both of which help remove the muds. Your skin will be so soft, you won’t believe! This decadent treatment is naturally the most requested by couples, so early booking is recommended.


Monday - Thursday

  • One-person treatment  - £55
  • Two-person treatment  - £60

Friday- Sunday

  • One-person treatment  - £85
  • Two-person treatment  - £90

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