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Holmer Park Spa Facials

Holmer Park Spa offers an abundance of skin treatments, specially designed to bring back your natural glow. We restore the shine in your skin, which is challenged by the weather all year round – whether it’s UV ray exposure in the summer or cold winter air making your face tender. Our therapists will advise on the best facial therapies for you, so you leave feeling radiant and refreshed.

Mini Cleanse and Boost

This mini treatment includes a deep facial cleanse, to remove impurities and toxins from the skin. A delicate serum and hydrating ampoule are then applied to leave your face feeling soft and looking great! A prescribed day and eye cream will round off this refreshing facial treatment.

  • 15-minute treatment - £15

Prescriptive Discovery

Love the skin you’re in! Discover how to keep your skin in tip-top condition, as our trained therapists help you learn which methods of skincare are best for you. An in-depth skin analysis and consultation is first on the agenda, to establish your unique skincare needs. This is followed by gentle exfoliation to remove toxins, then an opulent moisturising face mask. Your therapist will massage your face to absorb all of the nourishing nutrients, as well as applying a prescriptive treatment mask* – tailored to any skin conditions. Finally, eye and face serum is used to provide maximum hydration and protection.

  • 30-minute treatment - £32
  • 60-minute treatment - £55

*Please note that the facial massage is only available during the 60-minute treatment.

English Rose Radiance

Embrace Holmer Park Spa’s sensational Rose Quartz massage! This very popular facial treatment utilises the Rose of Jericho plant to help restore your skin’s youthfulness. The plant is well-known for its cell renewal properties, leaving your complexion revitalised.

  • 60-minute treatment - £60

Collagen Infusion

Is your skin dry and tight? Then this facial is perfect for you. Only the highest quality collagen is used at Holmer Park Spa, which counteracts dryness and soreness, so you will soon be enjoying hydrated, firm and beautifully calm skin! What’s more, collagen has wonderful anti-ageing properties – it is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 60-minute treatment - £70

Holmers Favourite

It is our favourite for a reason – it is a totally relaxing facial, enjoyable, effective, with clearly noticeable results. We only use premier quality High Skin Refiner products, which smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and give you a more radiant complexion.

The highlight of Holmer’s Favourite is our exclusive detoxifying algae solution, which contains countless active anti-aging properties and also flushes out any impurities. This facial is perfect if you want a more youthful complexion, as the improvement in skin firmness is remarkable after just one treatment.

  • 60-minute treatment - £75

Men’s Energy Release Facial

Custom-made for our male spa visitors, this facial enables renewed skin strength and vitality. We understand that busy lifestyles can result in stress, which upsets the balance of your skin, therefore this deeply cleansing and soothing facial was devised to boost your natural resilience. The superior products we use come from natural plant sources, healing your skin and restoring the balance of your complexion.

And that’s not all! Your whole body will feel re-energised when you leave Holmer Park Spa, courtesy of an exclusive pressure point & scalp massage.

  • 30-minute treatment - £32
  • 60-minute treatment - £55

Men's Shoulder, Scalp and Facial Massage

This invigorating treatment is perfect for the modern man. Incorporating a facial cleanse and exfoliation on the face, followed by a deep massage into the shoulders and neck using a skin purifying massage cream, this treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and your skin feeling supple and de-stressed. The facial massage includes pressure points and lifting movements and the treatment is complete with a scalp massage to finish. 

  • 45 minutes - £40


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