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Wrap And Relax

Expiry date: 31 Jan 2022

A 30 Minute Natural Spa Slimming Wrap followed by a 30 minute Raindrop Massage

Algae Slimming Wrap

It is a common known fact that the sea naturally cleanses itself due to the high levels of algae. As our bodies are 70% water, algae has the same effect on us.

Over time our body collects lots of toxins and stores them in our FAT cells. When Algae penetrates through the skin and into the fatty tissue it detoxifies and eliminates toxins naturally pushing them into our body's natural waste system, great for getting rid of cellulite, water retention and sluggish circulation whilst increasing the breakdown and elimination of fat.

Raindrop Massage

A warming, relaxing treatment that will leave you feeling as good as you do after walking through tropical rainfall. Your therapist will slowly drip essential oils along your spine and backs of the legs before performing a relaxing massage and applying warm compresses. This massage is particularly appropriate if you suffer from backache. An Holmer Park exclusive!

60 minutes just £60.00                 

Member rate £56.00

Valid Monday-Friday throughout January 2022

Call 01432 370222 & quote [TOM-01-22]

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