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Yoga in Hereford: The benefits For everybody

14 May 2018

Yoga is an activity that can benefit everyone, as you most likely heard. And you may be interested to know that The Holmer Park Health Club & Spa has a great yoga timetable open to people of all ages. There is an active yoga and meditation community in the county. Yoga can help transform your mind and body, provide instant gratification and in our latest Hereford blog we will look at how Yoga can achieve these things and give you the scientific research to back it up.


Yoga helps you feel better

Yoga really can improve the way you feel. Studies have shown that only 60 minutes of yoga asanas (a sequence of standing, sitting and balancing poses) help raise chemical levels in our brain. The chemical GABA chemical is linked to happiness and feelings of contentment.

Yoga helps you sleep better

A sleeping pill or glass of wine isn’t always the best thing to reach for if you have trouble sleeping. Why not reach for your yoga mat instead? Various studies have shown that after two months of doing 45 minutes of yoga before bed, many found insomniacs were able to get to sleep 15 minutes faster and slept an hour longer. The relaxation created by doing yoga helps people ‘switch off’ and sleep better according to research. Even if you have no problems sleeping, But even those who don’t have any problems with sleeping will find they sleep deeper and better after doing yoga.

Yoga provides a toning workout

Want to get stronger and more toned? Yoga is a strengthening work-out for your body as the moves between different postures see you moving your body weight around. Some poses will even see involve every ounce of your body as you balance. As well as it’s relaxing and harmonizing nature, yoga can also be a great fitness routine.

Yoga helps you feel better about yourself

The regular practice of yoga makes people feel better about themselves, a study from the University of California in Berkeley suggests. In fact, doing yoga can improve not only the way you look but the way you feel – the study showed that the women who practiced yoga had a 20 percent higher body satisfaction rating compared to women who took aerobics.

Why practice yoga at Holmer Park Health Club & Spa?

Any limitations that you might have, including health concerns or injury, will be accommodated when you practice yoga at Holmer Park Health Club & Spa. Practising yoga, in the capable hands of our professional instructors, will help you become more comfortable in your body’s ability as it grows stronger. If you are going to start taking part in a new fitness class, such as yoga, we are here to make sure that you making the most out of every session.

For further details, please call Holmer Park Health Club & Spa, on 01432 370222.