Update- March 24 - Holmer Park
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Update- March 24

10 Mar 2024

Enquire about the in-club Triathalon | Spa tretament of the month | new offerings in the Orchard Cafe! 

Hello and I hope you are well. 

It has been sometime since we last wrote to you so the team and I thought we would update you on what has been going on at your club.

Firstly, I know the change over to the new booking system was not seamless. I know it was tricky and I know some of you have had some issues along the way. I know some of you are still having issues and we are working with you to resolve those. If you are having issues that you haven't told us about yet, please let us know by CLICKING HERE 

I know the waiting list system has not been universally accepted too. From the feedback that many of you have given to Technogym via the app, they have said they will start to work on making improvements to that and are looking at a promotion-based system. There is no timescale yet but I will update you when there is more information available.  

The good news is that that the new booking system is handling more bookings than the previous system and continues to, on the whole, function properly which is great and was our goal from the outset. The system crashing at 8pm is no longer- I do not miss those emails and phone calls from some of you telling me how frustrated you were about that!

The functionality of the prosite (the bit you don’t see) is much clearer for myself and the team to work with too. It also provides us with an abundance of data which allows us to monitor and make changes to the timetable where necessary. We don’t need a system to tell us that classes are busy at this time of year though and taking your feedback on board we have acted. Firstly, you may be aware that we have been increasing spaces in classes. Aquafit for example has seen an increase of 25% more spaces per week, BodyPump has increased by 12.5% and Spin by 7%. We continue to look if we can increase spaces in other classes too.

Via Technogym another concept we are excited to be introducing to the class timetable are virtual classes. We are working on that as I speak but many of you will have seen the large TV now installed in the main Studio. The classes are delivered by highly qualified Technogym instructors and we are also investigating how we can introduce other virtual classes from other formats too. Les Mills, for example. That will allow us to fill space in the studio at times when instructors are unavailable for example. Virtual exercise is a growing and developing concept, particularly after the Covid lockdowns.  

We are also working on a new concept for the Wellness Studio. We are planning to give you the ability you to book the Wellness Studio when it is not in use so you can have a private workout space. You will also have access to a Technogym Visio which offers virtual classes and exercise sessions/ workouts. There are benches, Spin bikes, a Skillup, free weights and mats so more than enough equipment for you to have a great workout. We are also looking how/ if we can add extra equipment in there too to enhance that space.

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for your support. It is great to see so many of you making the most of the new fitness equipment and hopefully sticking to them New Years Resolutions! Thank you for choosing Holmer Park as your venue for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Thank you for being part of the Holme Park family.

Kind regards

Steven Chadwick
General Manager
[email protected]

From the Fitness Team

In-club Triathlon 16th March 24
Last time out was a great success and Katie and the team are hoping to see as many of you as possible taking part. All abilities are welcome and the distances are: 400m swim, 20k bike and 5k run. We will be starting at 10am and free refreshments will be available. To enquire or sign up, please speak to a Fitness Emails member of the team or CLICK HERE

Don’t forget, as a member of Holmer Park you are entitled to a free exercise programme and free programme reviews. If you would like to book in, please CLICK HERE. If you are short of time, we can discuss your options via telephone first so you can make the most of your time in the gym. 

From the Orchard Café

Working with our friends at James Gourmet Coffee we are investing in a self service coffee machine which will be installed by the pool hall. It will have the same high-quality Coffee as the Orchard Café and will be available from first thing in the morning, to last thing at night. 

We are also happy to say that we have started stocking Brownie from Loolums Little Make House. Supporting local small business is so important to us and we’re delighted to be working with the baking extraordinaire, Laura! We have a small selection at the moment but hope to enhance that over the coming weeks and months.

From the Spa

You're Simply the Best Facial!

Expiry date: 31 Mar 2024

This luxury facial combines our award-winning truffle formulas with a deep double-cleansing ritual, a glycolic resurfacing peel, followed by a unique skin-lifting and muscle-firming massage. The visible result is ironed-out deep lines and wrinkles, firmer feeling and toned skin, reduced puffiness and youthful radiance with a supreme healthy skin glow. 

Member Price £59

RRP £89

Employee of the month

Congratulations to Receptionist Helen who was our employee of the month for February!