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The Amazing Benefits of Swimming

14 Feb 2019

Hi, It's Claire F here, Holmer Park's Fitness Coordinator and Swimming Instructor. 

Think “swimming”, and many people conjure up images of splashing around with the kids, taking a dip when the weather is warm, or chilling out on a lilo in Majorca. But you’ll also be aware that swimming is good for your health… but you may not have realised just how numerous the benefits are! Swimming can increase your levels of fitness, make you stronger and even improve your mood!

Many different people, with varying goals, use the large Roman pool here at Holmer Park, but if it’s the health benefits you’re after, I have listed the main ones below:

You can do more with less

There is no other aerobic exercise which offers the same impact as swimming – you can train your body without impacting your skeletal system in a harsh way. Our bodies automatically become lighter when submerged in water – hence you can ‘float’ if you want to.

Immerse yourself to the waist, and your skeleton only has to deal with 50percent of your actual bodyweight. If you submerge up to your chest, your weight drops to just 25 or 35percent. This makes swimming brilliant for anyone who suffers from arthritis or who is overweight as the water handles the majority of their bodyweight so they are able to work their sore joints or stiff muscles in the pool.

Added resistance training

Swimmers have to propel themselves through water, and water is about twelve times as dense as air. This means that swimming is a great resistance exercise, with each kick arm stroke causing you to strengthen your body. Studies show that resistance exercises are the best method of building and toning muscle.

Just think that a jogger is running around a track and though it might look they are getting out of puff, the only thing that they are moving through is the air.

You can sleep better

Many people know that vigorous exercise such as swimming can lead to improved sleep. Research has shown that people who regularly engage in this type of fitness regime are almost twice as likely to get a good night’s sleep than non-exercisers. In fact, out of those who regularly partake in vigorous exercise, more than two-thirds say they never have any problems sleeping. So, you can throw away those hot toddies and sheep counters now!

Good for your mental health

Swimming is just as helpful to your brain as your physical being. Studies of both men and women show that swimming can help improve overall mood. Exercise therapy – like swimming, water aerobics or other exercises in the pool – is shown to improve mood, decrease depression, and decrease anxiety for people with fibromyalgia.

If you are pregnant – swimming is also hugely beneficial. It can have a positive effect on the mental health of mums while also improving their physical health and that of their unborn children.

The conclusion about swimming

To experience these benefits for yourself, remember that Holmer Park Spa & Health Club has a great pool, which also offers Aqua Classes and swimming lessons. Keep our pool in mind if you are looking for a fun and amazing way to remain or get in shape.

If you have any questions, find me at the club or call 01432 370222.

We look forward to pampering you soon at Holmer Park

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