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19 Mar 2018

Welcome to our dedicated news page to monitor the progress of our ongoing refurbishment works.

The Work: To install our new Spa Pools, Thermal Suite and other minor projects. 

The Value: In excess of £150K

Duration: The Pool Hall is closed from the 19th March- 28th March for the installation of the new Spa Pools and flooring. Work will be ongoing for a period of time afterwards to install our new Thermal Suite. More detailed timings will be posted for the construction of the new Thermal Facilities. 

Our contractors: Hereford's Three Counties Pools and Spas, Milk Leisure a bespoke Spa design and build company and other local contractors. 

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19th March
Demolition has begun and going well. The weather has caused some issues however we hope to overcome it and claw back some of the time that will be lost. SC

20th March
The new "small" Spa Pool (although it is larger than the old Spa Pool!!) is now in situ but will remain closed for a period of time to allow for construction of the new thermal facilities. The Heated Lounges have been removed and new wiring has been installed. Please note the new Heated Lounges will not be reinstated at this stage of the build but at a later date. The Removal of the existing floor has caused numerous unforeseen issues and has incurred a considerable amount of extra work. Our time schedule is looking tight and we are preparing contingency plans in case we need them although we still have every intention of opening the Pool Hall on Monday 26th March. SC

21st March
Sadly after further work today we have encountered a major unforeseen drainage issue we must resolve. This will cause a delay and we are currently revising our timescale. Naturally we are very disappointed and and are very sorry. Further communication will be made shortly. SC


Dear Member
I am writing to you in connection with our current refurbishment work. 

Whilst we have made good progress we have unfortunately discovered a major unforeseen drainage issue that requires extensive, unplanned building work. Please be assured that we have extra resources working tirelessly however regrettably I must inform you that we now do not intend to reopen the Pool Hall until 7am on Thursday 29th March. I am very sorry but I really do hope you will accept that although we were very well prepared for this project,  we could not have planned for what we have found.
In acknowledgement of this unforeseen delay, Monday 26th March- Wednesday 28th March we have increased our member discount on food to 50%, we are offering free Tea and Coffee, free mini treatments in the Spa and free taster Personal Training session in the gym. All will be on a first come, first serve basis. 
I hope you will accept that this decision has not been taken lightly and I am very sorry indeed.

Kind regards, 

Steven Chadwick
General Manager

22nd March
Today has been a very productive day and we are well within the revised timescale. The screed for the new floor is now down, both Spa Pools are in place and our improved lighting is complete. Our contractors are working late into the night to overcome the unforeseen issues and we very much appreciate their hard work. SC

23rd March
Again progress has been good and we continue to complete tasks in preparation for our opening on Thursday. We now have water in the Team Spa, the small wall between the ladies changing rooms and the small Spa has been removed and our plant room is looking good with all of our new pumps and valves. SC 

26th March
All of our work is going to plan. The small Spa is now complete and our new floor tiles are being installed. We are also using this time to carry out our annual electrical inspections. SC

28th March
The major building projects are now complete and the clean up begins. Please note as per our note on the 20th March "The new "small" Spa Pool (although it is larger than the old Spa Pool!!) is now in situ but will remain closed for a period of time to allow for construction of the new thermal facilities. The Heated Lounges have been removed and new wiring has been installed. Please note the new Heated Lounges will not be reinstated at this stage of the build but at a later date". Hoarding will be erected to allow for work to continue with minimised disruption. We expect the full scale opening to be beginning of May but we aim to opening facilities gradually throughout that time. SC

29th March 
The Pool Hall is now re-open. SC

30th March
We are currently experiencing teething problems with the new Spa Pool and the Jets and Blower is currently not working. We're really sorry but be assured we're working hard to put it right. We have also had issues with our power today which has caused disruption to the Aroma Steam Room. SC 

3rd April
A challenging bank holiday at Holmer Park including a couple of incidents that required First Aid which the staff dealt with extremely well. It was frustrating to loose Hot Water yesterday and thanks to all who visited the club during that period who showed great patience. We were able to restore water temperature, despite the challenges of getting the appropriate people on site on a bank holiday by mid afternoon. We are grateful for the positive comments we have had about the progression of the poolside improvement project but fully understand those who hoped we would be nearer completion at this point. This was always going do be a challenging project because of the scale of it and the age of our lovely building. For those of you who are interested we are expecting to have all the new facilities up and fully operational by the end of the month. In the meantime, please be assured we will do our upmost to minimise this disruption for you all. SC

13th April
The 2nd Steam Room is now back in operation. Our new heated loungers are due to be installed next week and our contractors will be back on site full time to install our bespoke items which have been made off site. The 2nd Spa Pool is now piped and is awaiting finishes. The work will now accelerate and progress will be far more visual. 

17th April 
Our contractors are now on site working hard to complete this project. There will be some noise and disruption and your patience would be very much appreicated. 

22nd April 
Our ice maker (for the ice fountain), feature shower controls and foot spas are all being installed from Monday and work continues at a good pace. 

3rd May
Our contractor has encountered a tiling issue which they are addressing. This has put us back some time from being able to present the finished facilities to you. We will provide further information in due course. 

4th May
We very much appreciate the patience shown by members and guests and are now able to share with you that the have every intention of opening 2nd spa pool, showers and heated beds on Wednesday 16th May. The new thermal facilities will be open during w/c 28th May.  

11th May
The heated loungers are now installed and ready to use. 

12th May 
Please note the spa pool is currently out of use. We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

13th May
The spa pool is back in operation. Thank you for your patience. 

14th May
Work continues and we are ready to reopen the 2nd Spa Pool and shower area on Wednesday. Work will also start on Tuesday to replace the Aroma Steam Room door. 

16th May
2nd Spa Pool and showers are now open. New steam room door is also fitted. We are temporarily asking men to use the main pool door as entry to the pool hall whilst we complete the tiling on the wall of the male changing rooms. Majority of the tiling work will now be on an evening.