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Our Beauty Blog: Skin Care for the Neck and Chest

01 Jul 2018

Skin Care for the Neck and Chest

Many of us are guilty of focusing our skin care routine on our face while neglecting other areas that need the same amount of attention. Our spa therapists in Hereford explain the importance of including your neck and chest in your skin care routine.  

The skin on your neck and chest area is extremely thin and delicate so it can show the signs of aging faster than the face. This includes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, deep creases and environmental damage.

Simply by following a few easy steps, you can give your neck and chest area a more youthful looking appearance.

Skincare products are not just for the face

You should make it a habit to include your neck in the skin care routine you follow for your face. When you’re cleansing your face, you should cleanse your neck too. This is the same for toning and moisturising.

It’s best to use all your regular products; toner, serum, moisturiser, mask and scrub, to keep your neck looking its best. You’ll see a noticeable difference.

Moisturising is essential

It’s vital to use a good moisturiser on your neck, so the skin stays hydrated. The neck has fewer oil glands than your face and as a result, it’s more susceptible to dryness and irritation.

Keeping your neck moisturised will help keep the skin plumper and more elastic. To maintain a youthful appearance, commit to using a moisturiser on your neck every morning and evening. You can do this when you are applying it to your face, so it can be easily worked into your day.

SPF is a must!

It’s important to apply sunscreen products to your neck and chest as this delicate area is significantly at risk in the sun. Exposed and unprotected skin can result in burning, wrinkles, spotting and capillary damage.  

You should apply a sunscreen that’s suitable for your level of sun exposure and activity. SPF 30 is adequate for most people during ordinary exposure to the sun.

A day at the beach or other long-term exposure may require a higher protection or frequent reapplication. Ensure you always use sunscreen according to the directions on the label.

Adjust your sleeping position

This one is probably the most difficult to master as we all like to sleep in the position we find most comfortable.

If you can teach yourself to sleep on your back, then you should do so as this position is best for good skin care practice. If you sleep on your back your neck isn’t angled and will result in less creasing.

This will also benefit the skin on your face as it isn’t scrunched up into a pillow. Using few pillows is also a good rule as this can strain the neck if they are positioned too high.

Give your neck a break

When your neck is stuck in one position for an extended period of time, it’s bound to leave a crease. This is similar to getting creases in your clothes if sat down for too long.

It’s good practice to stretch your neck from side to side and front to back regularly during the day. Adjust your position, raise your computer screen to eye level or just disconnect more frequently. Try to give your neck as well as your eyes a break throughout the day.

Taking care of your skin is the best thing you can do for your overall skin health. It takes just minutes each day and if you do it consistently then the lifelong results are worth it.  

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