National Fitness Day 2023 - Holmer Park
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National Fitness Day 2023

12 Sep 2023

What does your health mean to you?

This year’s National Fitness Day is taking place on Wednesday 20th September 2023. The theme is ‘Your Health is for Life’, encouraging people of all ages, abilities and background to recognise and celebrate the life-long physical and mental benefits of being active.

More than a quarter of the population in England is classed as inactive – averaging less than 30 minutes of exercise a week – according to Sport England’s latest Active Lives survey.

So, this year, we want to support our industry in shifting the focus. While bringing people together through physical activity on National Fitness Day has a hugely positive impact, we’re encouraging you to view this day as just one step in a much bigger journey. Because after all, your health is for life.

Starting at 8am we will be holding free mini Personal Training sessions, drop in programme reviews, gym challenges with the chance to win Holmer Park prizes, smoothie shots and finishing with a bootcamp session at 7pm.  Please note, the PT sessions and Bootcamp will need to be booked in advance at reception as we have limited availability. We will also be asking you to fill in a pledge card of "what your health means to you". 

You don’t have to be able to run a marathon or lift 100kg to benefit from National Fitness Day. If you walk an extra 500 steps on the treadmill as a result of National Fitness Day, 3 days per week, that is an extra 78,000 steps per year!