January road closures Roman Road - Holmer Park
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January Road closures Roman Road

22 Dec 2023

Please note the Roman Road will be closed eastbound (towards Worcester) from 2nd January 2024 – 7th January 2024 at the Starting Gate roundabout.

We have been informed that you can either: 

  • Travel to the club westbound by diverting via Church Way and Atwood lane (if you don't already travel in westbound)
  • Drive to the starting Gate roundabout and an operative will allow you access if you inform them that you are attending Holmer Park. 

The closure is in force so that National Grid can continue to carry out work safely


Dear member,

Happy New Year. I am writing to update you on the Roman Road closure which is currently in place.

Despite assurances from the council and Network Plus (the contractors carrying out the work) that the Roman Road would be open to our staff, members and customers from the Starting Gate roundabout via an “air lock” system, that has not been the case today. I am sorry to those of you that have had issues today.

I have spoken to a representative from Network Plus and he sends his sincere apologies. The rain has made the work trickier than they expected.

I have also spoken to a representative from the council. They have assured me that as a business impacted by this closure our staff, members and customers are able to use Church Way/ Atwood Lane even though those roads are publicised as being closed. You must only use these roads if you are visiting a household or business impacted by the closure and not for any other use.

So, if you need to access the club from the Starting Gate roundabout you can either:

Follow the diversion which takes you through town and up Aylestone Hill


You can use Church Way/ Atwood Lane and drive Westbound on the Roman Road towards the Starting Gate roundabout, as shown below.

Network Plus have informed me that they do intend to open the "air lock" system however they could not give me a day/ time that would happen. 

I hope that is clear and I am again very sorry for the issues caused by this.

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family. 

Kind regards, 

Steven Chadwick
General Manager
[email protected]