Holmer's Headlines September 2021 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines September 2021

23 Sep 2021

Dear member

I am writing this the day after National Fitness Day, a day to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity. Whether you walk a mile or swim 10, being a member at the club means you have all the tools to lead an active lifestyle. Let’s not forget too the mental health benefits of exercise and relaxation as I know for many of you that is so important.  It was a great day for our industry and an important day for raising awareness. So thank you for supporting us! All together you donated 438 miles so we walked, swam and cycled the Offas Dyke path almost two and half times! We are still collecting money for our charities too so please do continue to support us if you can.

In my last edition I mentioned that the myself and the whole team were tasked by Mosaic HQ to complete an Equality and Diversity course. I am happy to report that this has now been completed and I am really proud of the team for putting such effort in to completing this. I often say how vital it is that Holmer Park offers a warm, friendly welcome to all and as a member of our club you can be confident that we put such emphasis on this. We are developing in other areas too;  the training academy at Mosaic is improving every day and the fact that personal development is so important can only be positive as we work hard to recruit, maintain and develop talent in the club. Next up for myself and other team members that maintain our pool and spa operations is an update day with a leading trainer from the swimming pool water chemistry industry.

As part of our commitment to constantly improve Holmer Park we are developing a new club website that is more modern, fresher and more user friendly and at the heart of our new website will be a video showcasing the club, our members and our team. Therefore please be aware that on Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October our friends at 7video will be on site taking photos and recording video. It would be fantastic if you would be happy to assist us in this by being featured as I really want the video to be a true reflection of the club. However if you are strongly against this please do let the team on the day know and they will facilitate that, however you may be asked to vacate a particular area for a period of time.

For those of you that have been asking for an update on the class booking system time it appears that our developers have found a solution where we can change the time that bookings open. There is still a significant amount of work to be done so will take time but I thought it would be good for you to know that a solution has been found. I have had many passionate conversations about this situation but as I always say there is no time that will suit everyone but you can be sure that a more convenient time to midnight will be selected. This is not a decision that we at Holmer Park can make on our own so we will be consulting and working with our colleagues at other Mosaic clubs to find a time but you can be sure that we have had listened to the feedback that we have received and will come to a decision that works for Holmer Park and gives as many members as possible the best chance to book our popular classes.

We’re delighted to say that we are again supporting our friends at Magna Performing Arts by providing all of their printed marketing to advertise their upcoming production, Clara’s Dream. This award winning group is a really important part of the community and is headed by Holmer Park member Betty Morris so it would be fantastic if you could support the group and go and see the production at Credenhill Community Hall 20th-22nd October 19:30.  You can buy tickets now from [email protected] and see more about Clara’s Dream on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/magnadramagroup/

Employee of the month

We really enjoy reading your kind words about the staff team and I do make sure they get to hear your feedback! If you would like to nominate someone the box and forms are at reception or you can of course email me direct.

This month I am delighted to say that Housekeeper Caroline is our employee of the month! Congratulations Caroline and thank you for your hard work and supporting us when we were short-staffed and recruiting.

We have had so many of you asking about our Merry Members Christmas Party so Head Chef Ben has asked me to let you know that we are very much looking forward to seeing you all. This year will be different as we are planning on holding the event over 2 evenings and sadly our friends at Hereford Soul Choir are no longer performing so we are working to find a different performer. So, as long as circumstances allow we are very much planning on holding our Christmas member get together and we cannot wait!

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family and if you would like to speak with me direct please email me on [email protected].

Steven Chadwick,
General Manager.