Holmer's Headlines October 2021 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines October 2021

08 Oct 2021

Hello and welcome to an early October edition of Holmer’s Headlines.

As I talked about in my last edition, we are delighted that our Merry Members Christmas Party is going ahead this year and we are so excited to celebrate the festivities with you. We will be spreading the evening over 2 nights, the 15th and 16th December and tickets at £15 per member, £20 per non-member (a member is welcome to bring a +1 non-member) will be available to purchase from the Orchard Café from Monday 1st November. Entertainment on the night will be confirmed at a later date and I am thankful to those members who have given us details of performers. We are so looking forward to this event having missed it so much in 2020.

I also want to send a huge Holmer Park thank you to club members Betty and Oscar who organised other members and volunteers to take part in the recording of our club video. You were all so patient, I cannot thank you enough for your help and cannot wait to share it with you when it is published.

Spin studio/ spin bikes
Over the last couple of weeks two of the screens on the spin bikes have been broken in the spin studio. I have to say this is so disappointing especially when whoever has broken them is well aware that they have broken them, accidently or intentionally. To repair the two bikes the cost is £1920 and I am sure you agree this is such a waste of money that we could be spending in the club. Please can I ask that all members are extra vigilant when using our spin bikes and if any faults/ breakages occur please tell us straight away. Also please can I stress then when using the bike the screen should not be held onto, please use the bike handlebars.

Lockers and Club Maintenance  
Having received feedback about the reliability of our locker locks we asked the manufacturer to carry out an investigation and they have agreed to replace all 190 locks as they believe they may have been a fault during manufacture back in 2019. We expect to receive these next week and they will be installed gradually over the next couple of weeks. How you use the locks should not change. We are also painting the gym and will be carrying out electrical testing in November which will result in disruption. Notices will be displayed in club and I am thankful for your anticipated understanding.  

Although we are working so hard to camouflage the fact we have supply problems like many industries, it has reached the point where our contingency plans and alternative suppliers are also now starting to struggle to fulfil our orders. Head Chef Ben is having real problems with produce in the Kitchen and there is currently a shortage of Chlorine in the UK. Thankfully we have a strong supply and we absolutely do not expect this to cause you any disruption but please be understanding if your meal is short of an ingredient or a product is different to normal.

Employee of the month

We really enjoy reading your kind words about the staff team and I do make sure they get to hear your feedback! If you would like to nominate someone the box and forms are at reception or you can of course email me direct.

This month Receptionist Grace is our Employee of the month! A very well done to you and thank you for your hard work. I also wanted to thank Receptionist Nicola who has only worked for us for a couple of months but has settled in so well, thank you.

Finally, I finish this month’s edition of Holmer’s Headlines with the very sad news that our former Maintenance Manager Reg Orme has sadly passed away. Reg was such an important part of our Holmer Park family and I know many of you would have seen him around the club with his toolbox for many years. Reg was so talented and as a carpenter with decades of experience there was nothing he couldn’t do with a piece of wood. That was not his only strength though, he plumbed, he painted, he built, he maintained and as I look around the club I see so many of his skilful contributions and creations. He was a stubborn, old school maintenance manager who threw nothing away and I am sure we will find some of his “things that will come handy one day” for many years to come. Above all though we all just loved working with him and he will be missed. I'm sure you will join me in sending our deepest condolences to Reg's family and friends. 

As many of you know for many years the Wellness Studio was our workshop and was where Reg worked from, creating and maintaining. Although now named the Wellness Studio, we will always call it Reg’s Shed.

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family. As always, if you would like to speak with me please email me direct on [email protected]

Best wishes

Steven Chadwick
General Manager