Holmer's Headlines May 21 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines May 21

18 May 2021

Dear member

I hope you have enjoyed returning back to your club. It goes without saying that your safety is so important to us and I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of just some of the steps that we are taking to keep you safe - you can see these here: https://www.holmerpark.co.uk/keeping-you-safe/

This week we have taken the next steps on our reopening journey so please can I ask that you read the below so you are aware of other procedures in the club:

Group exercise classes

  • If you are attending a class please leave your face covering on whilst waiting to enter the studio
  • Whilst preparing your exercise station please leave your face covering on
  • Clean your equipment before use
  • When your exercise starts you should remove your face covering
  • Enjoy your class(!)
  • When your class has finished please reapply your face covering
  • Clean your equipment and put it away
  • Exit the studio with your face covering on

In the café
If you are using the café or lounge please ensure you swiped your membership card when you arrived at the club. If you are being joined by a non-member please ask them to check in with the NHS QR code. If they do not use the app please leave their details with the café team member

  • Please wear a face covering and you may remove it when at your table (but please do reapply it if you leave your table)
  • Make a note of your table number and place your order at the bar. Please queue behind the yellow and black lines
  • When you have finished at your table please turn your menu over which tells us that your table requires cleaning
  • If the sun is out please do join us on our new terrace!
  • We will not be serving food and drink at the poolside just yet but you are now permitted to take drinks with you if you like
  • Due to current restrictions around table service we are currently not serving alcohol

Even with the recent relaxations, the ask of avoiding using the changing rooms where possible has not changed therefore please would you ensure that:

  • Where possible you arrive at the club exercise or swim ready
  • Please spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms at this current time
  • Shower at home where possible
  • Please adhere to social distancing whilst in the changing rooms
  • The changing rooms will be fully open, for example, for anyone who needs to shower after their swim or for those with disabilities or special needs

I hope you will support us in this matter as we are simply trying to apply what are requirements from the government.

I am so proud of how the team have returned to work. It has been such a strange time for them and they have adapted to everything that has been asked of them. This month we have relaunched our employee recognition scheme so please can I ask that you help us celebrate our successes and if you feel that a particular member of staff deserves extra recognition that you let us know by completing a form available next to reception. I love to hear your feedback about the team and they will receive prizes as a thank you.

The terrace is open!
I hope you have seen or had the chance to sit on our beautiful terrace area. This is a significant investment and having listened to your feedback a very popular addition to your club. It is south facing so enjoys an abundance of sun so sit back, listen to the birds and enjoy some great coffee! 

In other club news I am happy to say we have developed a new partnership with P W Badham Builders and Carpenters. They will be providing maintenance services at the club and have already been hard at it, repairing and updating the club. Paul, Phil, Gerald and Charlie have been hard at it and if you do see them around please do say hello! We have a long list for them and are really happy to be working with this local business.

Finally I just wanted to say again thank you for your support over the last year or so. It has been strange for us all but I know with your support Holmer Park will bounce back and go from strength to strength.

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family.

Kind regards

Steven Chadwick
General Manager