Holmer's Headlines May 2020 - Holmer Park

Holmer's Headlines May 2020

15 May 2020

Hello, how are you?

Are you all keeping safe? I hope so. We’re all really missing you. We’ve had phone chats, long distance cups of teas, we’ve said virtual hellos and we’re having a live virtual coffee morning on Friday (details below) but you really cannot beat, what I call, “the buzz of the Holmer Park lounge”. I miss it and cannot wait to see you all again.

I imagine some of you have seen the Nationwide Bank “Voices” adverts where members of the public are recording videos to reflect on themselves in 6 months. I really like the one with Laura Smyth, particularly the part when she asks herself how she is and tells herself how we actually mean that question at the moment. No more is “Hello, are you OK” a greeting where the answer is not really listened to; a “get the pleasantries out of the way” kind of greeting. Now we wait with anticipation to hear the answer and have a sense of relief when the answer is a good one. What a great message and something that must continue.

Voices videos- why not consider doing this yourself? You don’t need to share it on national TV of course but it may give you something in 6 months’ time to reflect on. Why not congratulate yourself for completing those runs; be positive and anticipate you will stick to that daily plan; remind yourself that you love yourself; you could even apologise to yourself for not sorting out the garage!

Diet is so important and as it becomes clearer who this horrible virus targets some scientists are focussing on the links between illness from covid19 and obesity. So, as well as providing classes and fitness blogs for you we wanted to create some advice for you to think about your “lockdown diet” and point you in the direction of a local (and Holmer Park member) dietitian. A healthy diet, combined with our classes will help keep you fighting fit! A big thank you to Alice from The Hereford Dietitian for writing some tips to help keep you eating healthily at home during the current restrictions. It is very insightful and has lots of helpful tips to keep you on the right path. You can view the blog in full at https://www.holmerpark.co.uk/news/view/advice-from-the-hereford-dietitian/

Thank you again for taking part in our online classes, they have been far more successful than we hoped and although we know people miss our studios, seeing a familiar face is really helping a large number of members stay fit and active. We love to hear from you too so please do like, comment and share the posts! I also wanted to tell you about our Virtual Coffee and Catch up on Friday at 10:30am. On our Facebook page Myself, Assistant Manager Dan, Fitness Team member Clare, Duty Manager Lisa and Receptionist Liz will be LIVE on Facebook to answer any of your questions and generally just have a bit of a “chin wag”. You will be able to comment on the video and we will be able to interact with you, live. So if it’s just a hello, a fitness question, or anything else (clean of course) then feel free to ask us.

For those members who use Strava and miss the community of being at the club we have created a Holmer Park Club for you all to join. So get those fitness watches, mywellness and other devices linked to your Strava account and we look forward to virtually exercising with you soon! We already have a few members who have pounded the paths, cycled the streets and walked the woods! Simply search Holmer Park in Clubs on Strava.

I often say that being locally owned but nationally managed by Mosaic is a fantastic benefit for our club and I wanted to inform you that Mosaic have been part of the UK Active steering committee creating a framework to provide an agreed and consistent approach to, when it safe to do so, opening the Leisure Industry. So I just wanted to assure you that the team at Mosaic HQ are working night and day to ensure that Holmer Park, your club, is ready for you and you can be confident that every step has been taken to create a supportive, safe environment for you to exercise. You can see more about the UK Active framework at https://www.ukactive.com/news/ukactive-unveils-recommended-framework-for-reopening-the-fitness-and-leisure-sector-safely/

Finally a huge Holmer Park thank you to club members (and non-members of course) working in the NHS and other key industries who have worked tirelessly to get us to the next stage of this pandemic. We continue to clap for you and appreciate everything that you have done and are doing.

Thank you all, for being part of the Holmer Park family.


Steven Chadwick
General Manager

PS: When I asked how you were, I meant it remember? Let us know by emailing us [email protected]