Holmer's Headlines January 2022 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines January 2022

28 Jan 2022

Hello and welcome to Januarys edition of Holmer’s Headlines.

I hope you are keeping well and 2022 is so far treating you kindly. To those new and existing members that have recently joined or are increasing their visits as part of their new year resolutions I hope you are keeping to your goals and if you do require assistance do not hesitate to ask for help. Our club vision is to make a difference to your life and we really do enjoy supporting you. We have so many inspirational stories from weight loss, to injury rehabilitation, to marathon preparation so we really can help you achieve whatever your goals are. Don’t forget the Spa team too who are also here to help. Speaking recently to a member she explained to me how regular “work it out” massages and swimming help her manage a longstanding back problem to the point where she now feels no pain.

Continuing on supporting you I was recently reading an article about the mental health benefits of reading so we have purchased a small bookcase for the lounge with a selection of books from a local charity shop. If anyone has any spare books they would be willing to donate that would be very much welcomed and please do give them to Ben or Hannah at the Orchard café. We hope to put the bookcase out at some point next week and you are welcome to read the books whilst you are at the club.

Next, as I am sure many of you will be aware, the price of energy has sky rocketed over the past few months. We have been looking closely at our energy use and how we can reduce the amount of energy used in the club. You will notice that over the next few weeks all the lighting in the club that is not already high efficiency will be upgraded so please may I ask for your understanding whilst our contractors are carrying out this work. There may be some areas temporarily closed or where it is safe to do so, temporary lighting installed. We are also involving the team and getting their suggestions on how we can reduce energy use. In a large building built over 150 years ago it is not a straightforward task but I know with some thought we can make meaningful reductions.

Being part of the Hereford community is so important to us so we are currently looking at ways we can improve and develop some of our work in the past to support local charities. We are currently speaking to a local foodbank and hope to raise money at some of our member events. Do you have any suggestions? If so do let me know on [email protected]. As I said community is important to us and our neighbours in Cleeve Orchard have recently raised concerns to the local Parish council about inconsiderate driving so it I hope you do not mind me raising this and asking that you consider our neighbours when arriving at and leaving the club.

Lastly, Employee of the month this month is awarded to Duty Manager and Fitness Team member, Lisa. Lisa had  nominations about the high quality of her classes, her professionalism, friendliness and dedication. Well done Lisa and thank you for your hard work! If you would like to vote for next month’s team members then vote forms are available at reception.

As always thank you very much for being part of the Holmer Park family.

Kind regards,

Steven Chadwick
General Manager
[email protected]