Holmer's Headlines December 2021 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines December 2021

20 Dec 2021

Dear Member,

I have to say I must pay more attention to my calendar as I have just had the news that Christmas week is next week! If you, like me, are now rushing around thinking what to buy you can purchase Holmer Park gift vouchers from reception or online at https://holmerpark.giftpro.co.uk/. We also have a large selection of luxurious Temple Spa gift sets for you to gift to loved ones. For more details, please see a member of the Spa or reception team.

For those who have read my December editions of Holmer’s Headlines over the last few years will know I often use it to reflect and offer my sincere thanks. You will be glad to know this year is no different…

Firstly please do allow me to thank all of you, our loyal Holmer Park club members. You really have supported us through the most rockiest of times. You have been understanding and listened to our asks, you have supported us when we have made mistakes and when guidance was changing daily, you have referred your friends and family to us, you have contributed to club life and I am so thankful. So many of you have inspirational stories to tell and have achieved so much at Holmer Park and I very much enjoy seeing the team and club delivering on our vision of “making a positive contribution to your life”.

I also hope you will allow me to use this opportunity to send my huge, heartfelt thanks to my colleagues at the club. I am so proud of them and so appreciative for the work that they have done this year. They instruct, treat, administrate, sell, cook, deliver food, clean and do so with real passion and a genuine care for your club. I love working with them and it is a privilege for me to say they are my colleagues. Thank you too to the team at Mosaic HQ for supporting and guiding us through these ever changing times.  

This week we celebrated at our Merry Members Christmas Party and I have to say it is always a very happy and proud evening for me. I get to see the team deliver great service and I get to see so many of you celebrate in your club. I got to hear from long term members who attend the club every day and I got to talk to new members who have relocated from completely different regions and have been made to feel so welcomed here. The team were thanked for delivering the event in a safe but welcoming way and I was even persuaded to dance, albeit I am very much a “dad dancer” unlike Assistant Manager Dan who was doing his famous “squat dance”.

Moving on…I am happy to say we have now finished our project to overhaul the fresh air systems in club. The final piece of work was to install a very sophisticated air handling unit in the Wellness Studio and brings our total spend to over £10K. The unit delivers a large amount of fresh air which means from next week the team will no longer need to open the windows and doors during Holmer Spin classes, which i am sure will please our neighbours! As I said this work was part of a project to drastically improve fresh air in the building. I recognise some areas are a little chillier now, particularly the gym resistance areas but we are fully committed to taking every step we can to keep you safe and feel this was the right thing to do. Using air quality monitors I am able to be confident that the building is bursting with fresh, clean air. Over the next 12 months providing we are granted the necessary planning permissions we have lots of projects to continue to improve our club too. From extra studio spaces, to a larger car park and improvements to the energy efficiency of the club, Holmer Park will continue to grow, you can be sure of that.  

Finally as I sign off from my last edition of Holmer’s Headlines this year, on behalf of the team and I, a very Happy Christmas to you and the very best wishes for 2022.

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family.

Kind regards

Steven Chadwick,
General Manager.
[email protected]

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