Holmer's Headlines December 2020 - Holmer Park
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Holmer's Headlines December 2020

23 Dec 2020

Dear member

Well what a year. Usually I write about the Christmas Party, the projects we have completed and an update for the coming year. Sadly I can’t do that this year.

But that’s all for the gloominess. This year has been tough but think of all the positives it has brought. For many of us this pandemic and reenergised the love for our NHS. It has brought a new respect for other key sectors like retail assistants, delivery drivers and hospitality staff. It has encouraged us to support the great local businesses that are on our door step. It has reminded us how important family and friendship is to us.

It has also brought about a shift in our attitude to keeping healthy. As well as working out and eating well, it now means making sure that you seek support when times are tough and you are thoughtful of you mental health too. It means making sure you have a suitable work life- life balance. It means following guidance to help keep people safe. It means checking your body regularly for anything sinister. We all have our own ways of keeping healthy and I really hope that you can all continue to do so. Particularly as you have made a huge step by being part of our club and we will continue to support you regardless of what the next few months brings us.

I have also seen how strong our Holmer Park team really is. No matter what has been asked of them they have all adapted. I have to say how proud of our Spa Team I really I am. At no point in their studying to be a Spa Therapist could they have known that they would be working with masks, visors and aprons on for 8-10 hours per day, sanitising their treatment rooms with medical grade sanitiser and having to work so independently. I know how uncomfortable it is to wear their PPE for 10 minutes so I have huge respect for them having to wear it all day.

Our reception team, office and administrative staff have adapted perfectly in how they work too. Some working from home, some working at different workstations and some behind plastic screens. Jen and the Housekeeping team have worked tirelessly and they really are our club heroes, working night and day to keep the club looking great and us all safe.

The Orchard Café team lead by Ben and Hannah have adapted to providing table service, sanitising chairs and working in smaller groups. The gym team have worked really hard to make sure inductions are carried out, the pool is safe and they are now chemical fogging experts too!

I also just wanted to update you on Maintenance Manager Reg as I have been asked about him quite a few times. Reg has been part of our club, well, forever. In fact even when Holmer Park House was derelict he was here repairing a leaking roof. He was part of the carpentry team who converted the club and has overseen maintenance at the club ever since. Reg is part of the furniture and cared about across our business but he has now made the decision to enjoy his retirement and therefore he has packed his tool box and locked his shed for the last time. Our Wellness studio will always be known to us as “Regs’ Shed” and we are so thankful for the work he has done for us over the years. So Reg, thank you and enjoy your well deserved retirement. We will have the party you deserve as soon as possible!

Finally thank you for the many lovely gifts wishing us a Merry Christmas. We are all so appreciative so thank you very much.

The very best wishes to you, your friends and family over the festive period and here is to a much more positive 2021. Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family.

Kind regards

Steven Chadwick
General Manager
[email protected]

P.S you can find our festive opening times here https://www.holmerpark.co.uk/news/view/christmas-and-new-year-opening-hours/