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Holmer's Headlines April 21 and reopening news

02 Apr 2021

Hello and here we go again!

We’ve turned on the pool heating, filled up the Spa Pools and have been super busy preparing the club to welcome you back home, to your club.

I know many of you will be wondering about your membership subscription fee so firstly I wanted to just outline how we intend to process memberships and payments over the next couple of months.

If you pay monthly you will remember we collected from your account in January after we had closed as it was too late to stop the payment. Therefore no money will be collected from you on the 5th April. Your May Direct Debit (on or around the 5th May) will then be reduced to cover the 7 days that you will have then overpaid us. All payments will then revert back to the usual amounts from the 5th June and monthly thereafter.

If you pay annually your membership end date has been extended again to allow for this period of closure.

When we said you would never lose out due to an enforced closure we meant it. We really appreciate the fact that you have trusted us along this bumpy journey and will always work with you to ensure you are left feeling satisfied and supported.

Moving on to safety. You will find that many of the same policies are in place from when we re-opened last year. Social distancing, extra cleaning and increased fresh air delivery are key parts of our plans to keep you safe. Again, we will be treating all touch points including door handles, gym equipment and any other shared equipment with a long lasting antimicrobial cleaning chemical which we will reapply regularly. We ask that you wear a face covering on entry to the building and in all non-exercise areas where it is practical to wear one. We support wholeheartedly the wearing of face coverings so if you wish to wear one whilst in the gym areas then you are more than welcome to. However it is not recommended that you wear a face covering whilst exercising and you can find more information regarding this from the World Health Organisation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_AxGswGnno&t=6s

Our teams will have received indepth training and they will be provided with relevant PPE for their role.

You can find more info on the steps we will be taking to keep you safe at https://www.holmerpark.co.uk/keeping-you-safe/

To allow the club to open in a controlled way, if you wish to bring a guest along with you during your visit, you must book in advance and you can find detailed information about this here https://www.holmerpark.co.uk/news/view/member-guest-entry/

A reminder of what facilities will be available and from when can seen below:

Whilst the club has been closed we have been busy creating areas for you to relax outside. We have also replaced 2 flat roofs, refreshed the paint in the lounge areas and have also refurbished our reception desk and café bar. We brought forward some of our periodic electrical inspections so that you could return to the club without being disturbed and we have also spent time improving our back of house areas.

In addition, if this is the first time you have received Holmers Headlines hello! That will be because you have been contacted by the team about updating your email address. This is because we are progressing with our new membership software install with our partners at Hedgehog. We see this as a major step forward for our club and this major investment will, in the medium to long term, enable us to deliver a better experience to you. Over the next month or so you will receive new log in details for our members area so do look out for that.

The last few months have been incredibly tough for our club and Holmer Park family but we are determined that with your support we will bounce back, stronger and better than ever.

Exercise builds immunity, is good for mental health and for many is a sociable experience. You can be certain that we will work tirelessly to make sure you feel safe, secure and at home, back at your club.

It will be great to see you all again on the 12th of April and thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family.

Best wishes

Steven and the Holmer Park team

Steven Chadwick
General Manager