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Hereford spa blog - the latest beauty trends

05 Jul 2017

If you find it hard to keep up with all the developments in beauty world, don’t worry! Our Hereford spa therapists have compiled the latest trends for 2017 below in one handy guide.

Beauty buzzwords at the moment are ‘natural’, ‘light’ and ‘pure’. Refreshed, rejuvenated skin, makeup that works hard for its price tag, and makeup of a better quality are all trends we hope stick around for a long time.

Multitasking Makeup

Anything that is going to simplify our routine and save us time in our hectic lives has to be a good thing, right? This year, multitasking makeup is all the rage. These magical formulas are either designed to look a bit like lipsticks (that can be dabbed directly on skin) or come in little pots, designed to be quickly applied with the finger tips. They can be blended into the eyelids, cheeks and lips and, not only will they save you time, but money and space too. Brilliant!


There has been much focus on the chemical constituents of cosmetics and skin care products in past few years, something our Hereford beauty experts are pleased to see. Holmer Park Spa has always been passionate about using products made from natural, gentle ingredients. Now it seems formulations are being simplified, unnecessary ingredients are being removed and chemicals replaced with natural alternatives. We recommend you check the ingredient lists before buying. A few chemicals many people now avoid are:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Silicones
  • Colours derived from coal tar
  • BHA and BHT

No makeup at all

We love the idea of letting your natural beauty shine through. When going makeup free, skin care is key. Make sure to give your dry winter skin plenty of nourishment in the form of moisturiser and don’t forget SPF, as UV rays can be powerful in the winter as well.

Facial massage

Instead of quickly rubbing your moisturiser in, it’s a great opportunity to give yourself a mini massage, too. Using circular motions, massage your lymph nodes (under your throat and along your jawline), your cheeks, and your temples. To counteract all the frowning and smiling we do in the day, make sure to push your skin upward and outward, rather than downward. You can also use a zigzag horizontal motion on the forehead to help counteract wrinkles.

If you feel your skin needs a little extra love, you can book yourself in for a Mini Cleanse and Boost at Holmer Park. For just £18 you can enjoy a deep facial cleanse and hydrating, caring products that will leave your face feeling soft and looking great. There’s nothing quite like lying back and letting a professional massage therapist work their magic!

Facial mists

Facial mists are a brilliant addition to your bag, car, office, and anywhere you might need a handy boost. Feeling hot or stuffy? Simply give your face a quick spritz to refresh and cool throughout the day. You can also spray on after cleansing as a toner and hydrator.

Natural brows

Bold brows were big last year, but for 2017, the natural, feathery, slightly “undone” brow is in. Rather than using dark pencil to fill in brows and using gel to set them, simply use tweezers to (minimally!) take care of any strays, while following your natural shape. If you are nervous about shaping your eyebrows yourself, that’s a service our beauty therapists offer. Using only the latest techniques and equipment from Lycon Hot Wax, eyebrow waxing at Holmer Park Spa only takes 15 minutes and costs just £15! Lycon Hot Wax is more effective and less painful than your "usual" wax. It can grab hairs as short as 1mm and doesn’t leave a residue.


To book a facial or waxing treatment at Holmer Park Spa, please call our team on 01432 370222 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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