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Hereford spa blog: Growing Old Gracefully

18 Aug 2017

Our spa therapists in Hereford believe that looking young and growing old gracefully is an ongoing battle and trying to maintain youth at all costs really isn’t the best thing for our well-being.

"Ageing is an adventure" says Helen Mirren and as one of Hollywood’s favourite mature leading ladies, she should know. Embracing our age and taking care of our skin is liberating and fun. Let’s make the art of growing old gracefully a habit not a chore!

The latest philosophy for remaining youthful is slow ageing; a natural way to deal with the passing of time and its effect on our skin. Take your time, it’s all about natural rhythms.

The idea is that if you’re mindful with your time, diet, beauty, life - so too will your ageing process. Holmer Park spa is the perfect venue for you to come and practice slow living and ageing. No more holy grail creams, we want healthy, unhurried ways to protect our skin and grow old gracefully.

Beauty Sleep

Our Hereford spa therapists all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and how it’s essential to restore our bodies and keep our skin looking its best. Ideally, we should aim for about 8 hours sleep each night and it's between 1 and 4am that skin cells reach their peak with repairing and renewing.

If you have problems nodding off; read a book, have a relaxing bath, sip a mug of hot milk or unwind to some calming music. We recommend enjoying one of Holmer Park’s relaxing massages to soothe built up pressure and stress. Massage treatments are between 30 and 60 minutes long and prices start from £35.  

Enjoy some time to focus on yourself and clear your head ready to switch for a much better quality of sleep!

Slowing down doesn't mean giving up on life's projects though. It's all about creating balance and enjoying life's little pleasures - a morning meditation, a good book to read on your daily commute, a sit-down lunch rather than a rushed one, and an evening yoga class. Live slow, live well.

We are what we eat

A poor diet with too much sugar, salt and fat can cause problems with our skin. Skin is the biggest tell-tale poor nutrition so make sure you’re following a healthy, balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables and superfoods such as almonds, spinach and ginger are extremely beneficial to our health and you’re encouraged to meet and exceed your five a day!

You should try to limit your salt intake and avoid pre-prepared meals, junk food and sugary drinks. Drink plenty of water, take a water bottle to work with you – hydration is the best thing to eradicate toxins in the skin. You really are what you eat and your skin will show it.

Slap on the sunscreen

UV rays cause our skin to prematurely age so applying a sunscreen suited to your sensitivity from an early age is essential. Prevention is better than cure so they say, so make sure your daily moisturiser contains an SPF and if you’re going to be out in the sun all day, make sure you use the highest factor for your skin type. If you're sunbathing by a pool or on a beach, make sure you re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours and especially after swimming.

The good news is that most skin care creams and beauty products now have built-in SPF's so there really is no excuse to be reckless with protecting your skin. If you're sunbathing by a pool or on a beach, make sure you re-apply your sunscreen every 2 hours and especially after swimming.

Pollution Protection

Pollution makes our bodies produce harmful free radicals that prematurely age skin; causing oxidation and leaving skin dry, dehydrated and prone to painful flare ups.

Pollution can also aggravate any damage caused by UV rays so if you live in urban areas it’s particularly important to take care of your skin. Cities are a fun place to live but pollution is a big factor for causing toxins in the skin. You should invest in skin care with built-in antioxidants and make sure you’re using them in a daily routine.

Holmer Park spa facial treatments focus on relieving impurities caused by toxins and putting hydration back into the skin leaving it revitalised. Facial treatments are between 15 and 60 minutes long and prices start from £15.


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