Hereford Fitness Blog March 2020 - Holmer Park

Hereford Fitness Blog March 2020

06 Mar 2020

Recently we have installed 3 Technogym Skillrow™ machines at Holmer. Skillrow™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing equipment that trains both cardio and power at athlete's level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts. Designed for ease of use, Skillrow™ makes all settings easy to reach from a comfortable and ergonomic seated position.

If you’ve never tried Rowing before, do not fear it – Rowing is a great full-body workout that can be started at any age (11+) and is suitable for all abilities, body types and fitness levels... you really do not have to be an aspiring Olympian to incorporate it into your exercise regime.

Rowing works nearly all of the muscles in your body (if you want to be more specific, it works 86% of your body's muscles, covering 9 major muscle groups*) so is a highly effective workout for toning up. Some have even dubbed it as the “perfect exercise” as it engages the upper body, lower body, and core muscles all at once. It is also a great low-impact way to strengthen your heart and lungs. It can also burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes, so supports weight loss.

If you would like help being introduced to our new rowing machines (or learn how to rowing in general!), simply find a Holmer Park gym staff member and ask them for help. They’ll be happy to explain our fantastic new machines to you and show you how best to use them. Once you’ve mastered the basics, they’re going to be your new favourite way to exercise! 

BONUS FACT: According to, Rowing is the nation’s most continuously successful Olympic sport, having won a gold medal in every Olympic Games since 1984, and has won six Paralympic golds since the sport was introduced to the Paralympic Games programme in 2008! No wonder it’s a well-known Olympian work out…



We look forward to pampering you soon at Holmer Park

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