Hereford Fitness Blog Feb 2020 - Holmer Park

Hereford Fitness Blog Feb 2020

03 Feb 2020

We strive to be a club that is constantly updating and upgrading its facilities for our members. Among the many developments of 2019, we have recently spent £25k to refurbish our spin studio, so you can make the most out of your spin sessions.

With brand new Technogym Group Cycle™ Connect spin bikes, a new projector and interactive system, our new spin studio is built to be more beneficial than ever before. You can use the Wi-Fi to login and track your progress, watch inspirational videos or find the perfect music to set the mood for your desired workout. Furthermore, the spin bike’s touch screen makes changing elements easier and immediately without interrupting the flow of your exercise. The resistance is also adjustable up to 20 levels with simple tactile clicks every 45°, giving you a range of options. Whether you fancy a gentle cycle or high-intensity workout, we want our spin studio to offer you the best of the best.

UKactive have recently published a study that show “Indoor group cycling classes… [are] the most popular group workout in the UK – beating pilates and yoga”. Here at Holmer Park we are proud to provide an incredible range of exercise classes that are included as part of membership, meaning that joining our spin classes comes at no extra cost. Our spin class is definitely one of our most upbeat classes, and perfect for pedalling away up to 600 calories a session. Who knew intense workouts could be so fun?

Other benefits of spinning are that it’s easier on the joints than some other machines which helps reduces the risk of injury, though it is still important to warm up before using the machines and to cool down after. This makes spinning a great exercise for those who are older, especially as you can easily adjust the resistance and intensity of your workout.

If you’re interested in joining our next spin class or checking out the spin studio, either login to our online members portal to reserve your place in our next spin class, or call us on 01432 370 222 to enquire about our membership offers. We hope to see you there!

We look forward to pampering you soon at Holmer Park

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