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03 Jan 2019

Nature’s Miracle Cures?

The beauty industry is constantly changing and every week a new and sometimes bizarre ingredient is hailed as the next miracle cure. Our spa therapists in Hereford explore some of the most surprising ‘wonder’ cures currently being used.

Snail Serum

Yes, it’s a real thing! Snail slime (or snail filtrate as it’s cosmetically referred to) is packed with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides. All of these nutrients are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial for the skin.  

These elements help to protect the snail’s skin from damage, infection, dryness and UV rays. Snail mucin is also well known for its anti-ageing properties. It helps to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, protect skin from free radicals, soothe skin, repair damaged tissues and restore hydration.

Snail slime can also be used to treat dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks, acne and rosacea, age spots, burns, scars, razor bumps and even flat warts.


Firstly, this placenta is derived from plants and animals rather than humans! Now that we’ve cleared that up, let us tell you about the benefits…

Placenta is considered to be rich in growth factors, which can help speed up skin healing and cell regeneration. This means boosted collagen and younger-looking skin, so naturally it’s quite an appealing treatment. 

However, its effectiveness is not scientifically proven but if you like to try new treatments and form your own opinion, then this skin care treatment is for you!

Bee Venom

There has been quite a lot of hype around this treatment. Honey bee venom, or apitoxin, is a mixture of proteins which causes inflammation and is made in the abdomen of the honey bee.

Apitoxin causes skin inflammation through blood rising to the surface. This sends your skin into repair mode; stimulating collagen production and resulting in a plump and smooth texture with a glowing complexion.

Although, if you’re allergic to bee-stings it’s best to give this treatment a miss.


A little less surprising than the previous ‘miracle cures’ is activated charcoal. This is essentially carbon that has been treated to increase its absorbency and so it acts like a magnet; attracting and absorbing dirt and oil.  

Most commonly used in cleansing products for this reason because the grime in your pores sticks to the activated charcoal and is then washed away when rinsed off. It’s particularly beneficial for oily skin types but is also handy for greasy hair and is now commonly found in shampoo.

That’s all the ‘miracle cures’ updates we have for you at the moment, but now that you’re all caught up on what’s trending, why not give one of these different treatments ago?

If you’re not feeling quite up to trying snail serum or bee venom, how about a treatment at Holmer Park?

The Serial Mud Chamber is one of our most popular treatments! You apply mud on to your body before entering the chamber and relax as the mud removes the toxins from your skin. You can then enjoy a steam bath or warm shower afterwards to wash away the mud.

The Serial Mud Chamber can be experienced by yourself or with your partner/friend. The treatment lasts for 45-minutes and the cost is £45 for one-person and £75 for two.

To book a treatment, please call our spa team on 01432 370 222 or complete the form below.


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