December 2022 - Holmer Park
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December 2022

23 Dec 2022


I wanted to email you and wish you a merry Christmas and I hope this year has brought you joy and good experiences.

As usual at this time of year I reflect on the year and what it has brought us. Firstly, thank you to you, as a member of our club and our Holmer Park family. You have supported us, recommended and referred your friends and family to Holmer Park. You have understood when we have made mistakes and praised us when we have got things right. You work hard on our treadmills, stretch in our Yoga classes, lift those weights and swim those lanes. You have a massage, relax in the spa pools and have a coffee in front of the fire. Some of you come to work out, some of you come to relax and some of you come to see your Holmer Park friends. Our vision is to make a positive contribution to your lives and I really hope that you feel we have achieved that this year.

It has been another great year for our team too. They have continued to grow and work so hard to ensure the club is successful. I am very proud of all them and so thankful to them for their hard work and efforts this year. Thank you too to the team at Mosaic HQ and the club ownership for their support and diligent work behind the scenes. 

We have continued to develop our business and the club. We have extended the club car park, redecorated most areas of the building, and made upgrades in the gym and spa. We have also invested heavily in the plant and machinery at the club to improve reliability. We are investing in the building too to ensure it stands for another 160 years. We are always looking at ways to improve your club wherever possible. 

Our team continues to grow and we now employ almost 60 team members, many of whom have or are completing training and development. We continue to support the local economy through employing local specialists and tradespeople as well as supporting local charities. This Christmas we have we donated a hamper of food to Hope Scott House and we will soon be making a donation to St Michaels Hospice which I will confirm the amount of next year. Being part of Hereford and the wider community is really important to us.

Thank you so much to those of you that were able to attend the member Christmas party this year. We had such a great time and your feedback has been fantastic and makes the effort from the team worthwhile. Seeing the YMCA and other party classics danced into the studio was just great and equals seeing the “conga” in the lounge in years gone by! All the entertainment was fantastic, as was the food. I know so many more of you would like to come to our member Christmas party and we will look how/ if we can do that next year.

If you are looking for a last minute gift, don’t forget you can buy gift vouchers in club and online at If you are visiting the club over the festive period, please see our opening times here

Finally, I continue to be so proud to be the Club Manager here and as I go into my 8th year of overseeing Holmer Park it really is a privilege to do the job and work with the people I do. Once again thank you for your support and we all look forward to being a positive part of your life over the next 12 months.

Thank you for being part of the Holmer Park family.

From all of us, cheers and Happy Christmas!

Kind regards, 

Steven Chadwick,
General Manager,
[email protected]