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Beat stress in our Hereford gym

12 Feb 2018

Here’s what our gym instructors at Holmer Park Health Club & Spa in Hereford have to say about stress. Even though we all go to the gym for different reasons, one of them is often stress management. Exercise can really work out all those niggles that life throws at you.

Although it can seem on the face of it that there will always be things to make us stressed, like difficulties in the workplace, trouble with the family and bills that seem to roll in on a daily basis, stress is like most things in life – it’s not what happens, it’s how we deal with it that counts.

To manage stress better, we need to take charge of it before it takes charge of us. We can start by looking at the obvious sources of stress in our lives. Sadly, the all-too common ones include illness, work issues and financial worries. One way to begin sorting through issues is to write down the most powerful ones and then you can begin to figure out ways of dealing with them. So acknowledgement is really Step One.

This won’t necessarily solve your problems but it will help you develop the feeling of having some control over them. By having a conscious grasp of what is worrying you, you can begin to manage stress with methods such as exercise, meditation, relaxation – whatever helps you most. Holmer Park Health Club & Spa is here to help of course, whether it’s asking one of our gym instructors for an intensive circuits programme or booking on to a yoga class.

A proactive approach means that in some cases it might be possible to actually avoid some of the things that are causing stress in your life. This might be something as simple as learning to say no, rather than just accepting everything that gets thrown at you. Many of us want to please people but we can sometimes say no to friends and family, especially ones demanding a lot of our time or energy.

As mentioned, a lot of stress can be dealt with at a physical level. If you eat healthily, work out often, and try and inject some fun every now and again, it’s amazing how much more resilient you will become. No one is expecting you become an elite athlete, but regular exercise works to flush out the stress hormones and replaces them with the happy hormones (endorphins).

Excess weight can often be a significant stress factor, both physically and mentally. If this is something that worries you, then the answer lies within. Sensible diet and exercise will help you to lose body fat, gain energy and improve your self esteem.

Control the controllables

If someone cuts you up in traffic, there isn’t much you can do about. But road rage is at record levels. Some people’s buttons are very easily pushed. If this is you, I would definitely suggest a course of yoga or Pilates. Their relaxation techniques might just be the calming tonic for you.

Some people set very high standards for themselves, which can act as stressors in their own right. Set reasonable standards and learn to be okay with “good enough”.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

It also makes Jack quite a stressed boy! Having fun and relaxing does not have to mean waiving your responsibility to work hard when quite the opposite is true! A lot of the best creative thinking is done away from work where the pressure is off and the brain is allowed to roam. This could be in the gym, or maybe at the cinema or on holiday. How doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take some downtime to refresh your mind and recharge your body. If you don’t do that, the almost inevitable consequence is burnout.

The bottom line

Don’t sweat the small stuff and avoid negative situations and people in your life. Exercise often, eat well, sleep a lot, laugh as much as you can and you’ll find that life’s stressors may still there but much easier to deal with.

I hope this helps in your step towards reducing stress. If you have any questions, please do grab us at the gym. We’ll be happy to help.

Or call our reception team on 01432 370 222