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Advice from The Hereford Dietitian

12 May 2020

During this prolonged period of ‘lockdown’ we might find ourselves eating and snacking more often than usual.  This can make weight management harder.  The Hereford Dietitian, who specialises is supporting people to lose weight, offers her top tips on how to snack in a healthy way.

Tip One – Ask yourself...........................Are you really hungry?
The challenges of working from home combined with anxieties and uncertainties about the future mean that there is the potential to snack more than normal.  Before reaching for a snack, try to work out it you are indeed hungry, bored, lonely or stressed.

Build a ‘toolkit’ of resources to support yourself instead of reaching for a snack.  If you are feeling a bit low consider:

  • going for a run
  • completing a Holmer Park virtual workout session
  • reaching out to a friend
  • taking some time out for a cup of tea
  • If you are stressed with work – TAKE A BREAK

Tip Two – Organise your environment
Studies show us that we eat what we see.We have a tendency to opt for a snack based on the first thing that we lay our eyes on.Try re-organising your cupboards and fridge so that the healthiest choices also become the easiest to access.Move your healthy snacks to the front and others to the back.Wrap up unhealthy snacks and place them outside the eye line.

Tip Three – Plan
If you wait until you are hungry you are likely to make less healthy choices.The best way to manage this is to adopt a new daily routine.Consider taking 5 minutes first thing to plan what you will eat that day.You can also spend some time preparing healthy snacks for the day ahead.Make a fruit salad or cut up some vegetables.

Tip Four – Eat regular balanced meals
Try to make sure that each meal consists of the four main foods that we should be eating regularly; whole grains, lean proteins (eg beans and fish), fruit and veg.For example granary toast with scrambled egg and avocado makes a great breakfast choice.

With thanks to The Hereford Dietician for providing this blog. 

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